Gala 2024 and a Story of

God’s Faithfulness

A Night to Remember.

I wasn’t sure what to expect for my first Gala as CEO, but what happened was beyond anything I could have imagined!

Back in the fall, Clarity’s budget committee met to approve the 2024 budget. The opening of our Maternity Home in 2022 has increased Clarity’s budget by $200,000 per year. Despite our best efforts at cutting what we could, in faith, we passed a budget that was approximately $100,000 more than our projected income. That’s right – $100k in the red – not exactly how you want to start a CEO tenure! But myself and Clarity’s Board are used to trusting God’s provision for our organization.

Fast-forward to our Gala preparations, our team was having a conversation about what we hoped to raise financially. Our Gala goal was set at $250,000 but we were really praying that God would do something big and help us raise $300,000 because of the budget deficit. I even made the comment,

“$300,000 would be amazing, but what we really need is $350,000.”

The Gala evening was incredibly spirit-filled, and I was hopeful that we would surpass that $250,000 goal and get to $300,000…but we didn’t. We were all shocked and humbled to realize that God gave us even moreour final total is $351,478.46!

Almost down to the dollar, the Lord provided, through you, what we needed to cover our 2024 budget. Praise Him!

So What Now?

The incredible generosity of our supporters covered our budget needs for the year. This includes administrative costs and some other things, like replacing the windows at The Haven that all desperately need it and an expensive copier replacement surprise! We were even able to get our Haven van repaired.

We’ve had some supporters ask about what new initiative Clarity is going to undertake with this blessing, not knowing we were relying in faith that God would provide it just for our daily operating budget. In fact, Clarity does have some exciting new undertakings – like extensive ultrasound training for our new nurse and the opportunity to acquire a new property which I can’t wait to tell you more about in the coming weeks. And we are resolved to trust God with those things too!

You are Clarity.

So thank you from myself and the entire Clarity team. Your giving, praying, and serving are what make our organization the hands and feet of Jesus for those experiencing an unexpected pregnancy. We are immensely humbled and grateful to God and to you that we are able to stay in this fight for life, combat the rising costs all of our checkbooks are feeling, stand against the multi-million dollar abortion industry, and provide abundant life to the unborn and their families. You are Clarity and you made this miracle happen for us. Thank you.

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