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Who is the speaker this year?

We are excited to have Andrew Wood speak at this year's Gala. Andrew served in pregnancy center work for nearly a decade in Knoxville, TN and his writings have been featured in national publications such as HOPE blog, March for Life, Care Net, Pregnancy Help News, Life News, Save the Storks, National Right to Life, [...]

What is semi-formal attire?

We hope you will join us regardless of what you choose to wear! Semi-formal attire is similar to Sunday best- think Easter Sunday dress. Suit jackets, slacks, or a dress are good options! We also know many will be coming straight from work.

What should I expect?

This year, we are expecting over 900 pro-life Christians to gather for our annual Gala at Severns Valley Baptist Church. When you arrive at 6pm, you will be directed to the social hour with heavy hors d'ouevres, refreshments, and live music. After eating, guests will be directed to the auditorium where our program will begin. [...]

What is a Row Host?

Row Hosts are Gala attendees who have committed to filling a row of eight seats at the Gala with their fellow church members, friends, family, or coworkers who support the mission of life. If you are interested in being a Row Host, please email Laurie Souleyrette at You may be asked at church to [...]

How can I attend?

Guests can attend by securing a spot with a Row Host (see below), by registering online, or by RSVPing to our team at or 270-234-1122! If you registered online and signed up with a Row Host, don't worry! We will sort it out and secure your seat.


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