because you give, they have hope

While much in the fight for life seems uncertain, we are certain that Clarity Solutions has stood as a beacon of hope for 22 years. And Clarity will continue to stand for life because of the work of your hands, prayers of your heart, and sacrifice of your giving.

Among the gift exchanges, holiday decor, and Christmas preparations- donating to Clarity today will likely take the least amount of time. But it will have the biggest impact.

Because you give, your neighbor’s daughter has a place to go when her pregnancy test comes up positive, your grandchildren will have life-affirming pregnancy options in their hardest moments, and your waitress after church won’t find herself in that cold abortion clinic waiting room. Because you give, your star athlete will encourage his girlfriend to come to Clarity instead of taking those mail-order abortion pills, dads will have a chance to learn what real fatherhood is, and newborn babies will have a roof over their heads and milk in their bellies.

You see, your dollars aren’t just checks, they are catalysts for hope.

Thank you.

Clarity is 100% donor-funded. We accept no federal funding and rely on the generosity of faithful financial supporters. The life-saving work that happens here each day would not be possible without your generosity!

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