Support Clarity Solutions
  • General purpose matte vinyl label sticker for applying on water bottles, laptops, phone cases, notebooks, you name it! Sticker size is 3" - 4" wide.
  • Cotton canvas tote with empowering message to take to the grocery, church, and on the go!
  • Bridge Project Training is tailor-made for the local church to be empowered with information on how to go beyond giving diapers to truly surrounding a woman in need with the love of Jesus. Learn about how our clients’ poverty worldview affects how they think and make decisions, how to love clients well and meet them where they’re at, how to compassionately model healthy ways of living, and how to share the Gospel effectively and disciple them, in Jesus’ name. Learn how Jesus walked with and helped “the least of these,” and how your center can empower your local churches to do the same. This training includes downloads of lesson plans, supplemental materials, and handouts.


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